Ducky Mini Silver Case (Cherry MX Green)
IDR 1.500.000
  • Compact (60%)
  • Cherry MX Green
  • Blue+Red LED
Ducky Mini is a reduced sized 60% keyboard design that encompass all the functionality of a full-sized keyboard.
CHERRY MX Mechanical Switches - Guarantees Up To 50 Million Keystrokes
Strong and durable, CHERRY MX Mechanical Switches guarantee at least 50 million keystrokes, making your keyboard a reliable partner for years of intense gaming & typing.
Quality Metal Clad Exterior
Ducky Mini is constructed with aluminum and plastic sandwich. This gives the keyboard a solid premium feel of aluminum without being overly heavy.
Convenient Cable Connector Location
The Mini-USB connector for the removable cable is located on the left side of the keyboard. This allows the keyboard to sit closely with your laptop computers for a more comfortable input experience.
Slim Keyboard Design
Ducky mini is a keyboard designed for typists. The keyboard is designed as low as possible with a low incline. This allows the user to keep their wrist as straight as possible to maximize comfort during extended typing sessions.
Dual Color LED Technology
Dual color LEDs are packed into the familiar 3mm package. With Ducky's color mixing technology, you can create a wide variety of shades to tweak to your liking.
Durable Dual Layer PCB Design
Dual layer PCB is more durable and reliable than single sided PCB. This will give longer life expectancy, signal stability, and extra solid feel when combined with a steel plate.
Powered by ARM M3 MCU
Ducky Mini is powered by an ARM Cortex-M3 processor. This powerful micro-controller enables a wide array of functionalities as well as multiple backlighting modes without skipping a beat.
Convenient Mouse Keys Functionality
Mouse key functions allows you to keep your hands on the keyboard. You can quickly move the cursor to exactly where you need it without moving your wrist and fumbling for your mouse.
Model Number
Switch Type
: Cherry MX Green
Keyboard Size
: Compact (60%)
Keyboard Layout
: English | QWERTY
Keyboard Backlighting
: Blue+Red LED
Key Rollover
: Unlimited (NKRO)
Keycap Plastic
Keycap Color
: Black
Keycap Printing Method
: Laser Etched
Keycap Printing Position
: Top
Keycap Printing Color
: Clear (Backlit)
: 295mm x 102mm x 38mm
: 1.60lbs
Macro Keys
: No
Multimedia Keys
: Yes (via Fn keys)
On-board Memory
: No
Wrist Rest
: No
Cable Type
: Standard
Cable Length
: 1.5m (Mini-USB 2.0 detachable)
Switch Mount Method
: Plate Mounted
WIN Lock
: No
: 1 year