MAX Pro Sampler Tester Kit
IDR 350.000
  • 8 Cherry MX Switch Types
  • Polycarbonate Keycaps
  • 8 Sound Dampening O-Rings
Can't decide which Cherry MX switch to type on? Purchase our Max Keyboard premium Cherry MX switch pro sampler kit and decide which switch fits you better. Our kit is designed to simulate the actual typing feeling on a real cherry mx switch mechanical keyboard by mounting all the actual switches on a 9.525mm (0.375 inch) thick acrylic base.

Includes 9 clear keycaps, 8 Cherry MX switch types, and 8 sound dampening o-rings.

Package Contents :
* Translucent clear keycaps (Qty: 9)
* Cherry MX switch types (Qty:8) [Cherry MX Red(1), MX Black(1), MX Blue(1), MX Brown(1), MX Green(1), MX Grey(1), MX Clear(1), MX White(1)]
* Acrylic base (Qty: 1)
* Sound dampening rubber o-ring (Qty: 8)
* 3M clear rubber feet (Qty: 4)

Note : This is not a functional keyboard unit; it is only used to determine your preference of switch type. Some Assembly Required!