Cooler Master Cherry MX Switch Tester
SKU : SGK-1010-BBCA1
IDR 250.000
  • 6 Cherry MX Switch Types
  • Polycarbonate Keycaps
The Cooler Master Cherry MX switch tester comes with the following colors: Black, Red, Brown, Clear, Blue, and Green. Traditionally used by gamers due to their low activation point and lack of tactile feedback or clicking sound, Black switches feature an actuation force of 60 g while the Red switches require only 45 g. Giving you a slight tactile bump and a slightly more audible click, both the Brown (45 g) and Clear (55 g) switches feature balanced design that allows for satisfying typing without raising a ruckus. Finally, Blue (50 g) and Green (80 g) switches come with strong tactile feedback and enough audible clacking to recall the tip-tapping of a typewriter.

Note : This is not a functional keyboard unit; it is only used to determine your preference of switch type.