Kailh BOX Pale Blue/Burnt Orange/Dark Yellow Wire Keycap Puller (Black)
IDR 120.000
  • Color : Black
  • 3 Kailh BOX Switches
  • High Quality Construction
This multifunctional instrument by Kailh is equal parts keycap puller, switch tester, and desk toy. It’s equipped with 3 Kailh BOX switches in Burnt Orange, Dark Yellow, and Pale Blue: two on the sides of the plastic handle and one on top (Kailh keycaps included). Wires can bend outward to fit onto every key except the spacebar. (The spacebar key can be removed by hand after the surrounding keys are removed). Holds up to 3 keys to speed up key removal. Compatible with with most mechanical keyboards including Cherry MX, others MX Clone (Kailh, Gateron, Greetech, etc), ALPS, and Topre switches. Do not use on "scissor" type switches