MKID Wire Keycap Puller + Flat Tip
IDR 70.000
  • Color : Black
  • High Quality Construction
A great upgrade from the plastic key puller tool when you frequently remove keycaps. Wires can bend outward to fit onto every key except the spacebar. (The spacebar key can be removed by hand after the surrounding keys are removed). Holds up to 3 keys to speed up key removal. Compatible with with most mechanical keyboards including Cherry MX, others MX Clone (Kailh, Gateron, Greetech, etc), ALPS, and Topre switches.
Please Note: Do not use on "scissor" type switches. Always use care when removing spacebars. While having two keycap pullers - one for each side of the spacebar - is ideal, you can also use your hand(s) to make sure even pressure is applied to both sides of the spacebar when removing.