[Pre-Order] Vortex Model M SSK Kit Add-ons
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Vortex Keyboard

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Vortex Model M SSK Plate Add-Ons :
Add-on plates for the Model M SSK to change the typing experience. The default plate that ships with the Model M SSK is FR4. Each plate is compatible with all PCB variants of the Model M SSK. Plate Dimensions L*W*H : 35.7cm*11.5cm*0.16cm. Available options:
  • Aluminium
  • Brass
Vortex Model M SSK PCB Add-Ons :
The Vortex Model M SSK DIY keyboard kit ships with a hotswap PCB by default. Each PCB is a set of :
  • Main PCB : L*W*H -> 34.8cm*9.7cm*0.16cm
  • F-Row PCB : L*W*H -> 36.0cm*2.7cm*0.16cm
Options :
  • Hotswap :
    • ANSI, WK layout (6.25u spacebar)
    • ANSI, WKL layout (7u spacebar)
    • ISO, WK layout (6.25u spacebar)
    • ISO, WKL layout (7u spacebar)
  • Soldered - multi-layout (also supports stepped Caps Lock and Tsangan)

Compatibility :

  • Plates : All PCBs are compatible with all Model M SSK Plates
  • Cases :
    • WK PCBs cannot be used with the WKL Cases
    • WKL PCBs are compatible with all Cases
PCB Layouts :
  • Hotswap PCB ANSI WK 6.25u Layout
  • Hotswap PCB ANSI WKL 7u Layout
  • Hotswap PCB ISO WK 6.25u Layout
  • Hotswap PCB ISO WKL 7u Layout
  • Soldered PCB (multi-layout)
Vortex Model M SSK Foam Set Add-Ons :
The Foam Set is included in the Model M SSK. This add-ons can be used to purchase extra units of it. Includes :
  • Plate Foam : 3mm x2 (Main PCB And F-Row)
  • Poron Switch Pad : 0.5mm x2 (Main PCB And F-Row)
  • Bottom Case Sound-dampening Foam : 3mm x1 (Main PCB)
Vortex Model M SSK Carrying Case Add-Ons :
This is the carrying case which is supplied with the Vortex Model M SSK DIY Keyboard Kit. The case is designed to perfectly fit the Model M SSK, but can also be used with most other keyboards of a similar size*.
Specifications :
  • Dimensions :
    • Carrying Case: L*W*H : 23.0cm*46.0cm*8.0cm ± 0.5
    • Carrying Case’s EVA Foam - External Diameter – L*W*H : 43.0cm*23.0cm*6.2cm ± 0.3
    • Carrying Case’s EVA Foam - Internal Diameter – L*W*H : 39.0cm*16.4cm*4.0cm ± 0.3
  • Weight : 896.6 (g) ± 10
*Note : The differences in the dimensions for other keyboards may leave gaps in the EVA foam cutout due to the differences in dimensions. Customer understands this when making the purchase.
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ETA to Customers : May-June, 2023
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