Happy Hacking Keyboard Professional 2 (Black - Printed)
IDR 3.200.000
  • Compact (60%)
  • Topre 45g
Happy Hacking Keyboard (HHKB)
For Professional Use Keyboard. Made in Japan.
Topre Capacitive Key Switches
The unique electrostatic design of Topre switches requires no physical mechanical coupling and therefore key switch bounce/chatter is eliminated.
Compact Design
Ultimately, the keyboard is designed to keep you from ever leaving the home row, relying on key combos and a perfect, near-symmetrical layout as you ease into the code haze. There's something incredibly compelling about a keyboard this simple and beautiful, built to last a lifetime.
Configurability Dip Switch
If you really want to get technical, you can flip some DIP switches to reassign keys to your preference.
The HHKB should be unplugged while changing the DIP switch settings; otherwise the changes may not be recognized / cause of the failure.
Great Unix Experience
The keyboard actually has “meta” character, and compared to international keyboard with Finnish layout, HHKB with US layout is just superb for any shell work that needs to be done.
Model Number
: PD-KB400B
Switch Type
: Topre 45g
Keyboard Size
: Compact (60%)
Keyboard Layout
: English | QWERTY
Keyboard Backlighting
: None
Key Rollover
: 6KRO
Keycap Plastic
Keycap Color
: Charcoal Gray
Keycap Printing Method
: Dye Sublimated
Keycap Printing Position
: Top
Keycap Printing Color
: Black
: 294mm x 110mm x 39.9mm
: 1.17lbs
Macro Keys
: No
Multimedia Keys
: Yes (via Fn keys)
On-board Memory
: No
Wrist Rest
: No
Cable Type
: Standard
Cable Length
: 1.8m (Mini-USB 2.0 detachable)
Switch Mount Method
: Case Mounted
WIN Lock
: No
: 1 year