Ducky Pocket RGB (Cherry MX Red)
IDR 970.000
  • NumPad
  • Cherry MX Red
A Mechanical Keyboard Calculator with Cherry MX Switches.
CHERRY MX Mechanical Switches - Guarantees Up To 50 Million Keystrokes
Strong and durable, CHERRY MX Mechanical Switches guarantee at least 50 million keystrokes, making your keyboard a reliable partner for years of intense gaming & typing.
PBT Double Shot and R5 Profile Keycap
Ducky Pocket adopts the PBT Double Shot Backlighting keycaps and adds R5 Profile. Therefore, it improves the overall quality of lighting transmission and typing experience.
LCD Backlighting Panel
2-in-1 LCD panel - General display and backlighting support.
Detachable Cable
Detachable Micro USB cable for convenience.
Support Battery Mode
In battery mode, Ducky Pocket will lock on calculator mode and turn off all backlighting.
Ducky Pocket Macro
Ducky Pocket Macro V1.0 provides replacement of keycode, multimedia function keys and special function key features.
Durable Dual Layer PCB Design
Dual layer PCB is more durable and reliable than single sided PCB. This will give longer life expectancy as well as signal stability of the keyboard functions. Combined with a steel backplate, dual layer PCBs will give the user extra solid feel with each keystroke.
USB N-Key Rollover (USB NKRO)
Under USB, the Ducky Pocket can handle any number of simultaneous key presses. You can use the keyboard confidently in any situations knowing that there will never be ghosting or key blocking issue.
Two Stage Feet
Ducky Pocket with new designed that provided two-stage feet and it is different from the traditional monolithic feet.

*For more information, you can download the user manual here.
Model Number
Switch Type
: Cherry MX Red
Keyboard Size
: NumPad
Keyboard Layout
: English | QWERTY
Keyboard Backlighting
Key Rollover
: Unlimited (NKRO)
Keycap Plastic
Keycap Color
: Black
Keycap Printing Method
: Double Shot
Keycap Printing Position
: Top
Keycap Printing Color
: Clear (Backlit)
: 162mm x 95mm x 41mm
: 0.61lbs
Macro Keys
: Yes (via Fn keys)
Multimedia Keys
: Yes (via Fn keys)
On-board Memory
: Yes
Wrist Rest
: No
Cable Type
: Standard
Cable Length
: 1.5m (Micro-USB 2.0 detachable)
Switch Mount Method
: Plate Mounted
WIN Lock
: No
: 1 year