Varmilo EC Rose Switch Keychain
IDR 70.000
  • Actuation Force : 55 cN
  • Switch : EC Rose (Linear)
  • Rose Transparent Keycap
Varmilo Officially Releases Contactless Electrostatic Capacitive Mechanical Switch - Electrostatic capacitance machinery is the combination of electrostatic capacitance trigger principle and traditional mechanical switch structure. Different from the physical triggering of the conduction of the traditional mechanical switch contact, the electrostatic capacitance is triggered by calculation of the capacitance change in the switch body when the actuator is pressed, and the non-contact conduction is realized. Although it is a electrostatic capacitance trigger mode, Varmilo refers to the traditional mechanical switch structurally, and improves its structure, so that while retaining the pure mechanical keyboard feel, there is no key spring sound, and the pre-travel can be more smooth. With the Varmilo EC keychain; not only can you try the new electrostatic capacitive mechanical switches, but you will also be able to show off your identity as a mechanical keyboard player.

Included :
- Key Ring Lanyard