TTC Pokayoke Pro Hot-Swap Mechanical Keyboard PCB Socket (Blue)
SKU : KSCS-SP210200
IDR 1.500
  • Color : Blue
  • Stable & Durable
  • Pokayoke Design
The only hotswap sockets you will ever need! Pokayoke (Japanese : ポカヨケ), meaning idiot-proof, is how TTC describes these hotswap sockets. Simply clever engineering from TTC. They are the ultimate combination of durability and ease of use.
  1. Rated for 10.000 cycles - Feel free to swap switches as much as you’d like. It is 100x service life (100 cycles) of the other hotswap socket on the market.
  2. Never obstruct the switch mounting holes. You can rotate the socket 180 degrees and they’ll work!
  3. A larger soldering area, increased by 30% compared to the other vendors. Expect an even more durable and easy soldering job compared to other sockets.
Please note that these sockets require a PCB specifically designed for them. (Most PCBs do not have pads for hotswap sockets, but it's becoming more common.) They work great for hand-wired projects.