TECSEE Sapphire v2 Switch (Tactile 63.5g - PCB Mount)
IDR 6.500
  • Bottom-Out Force : 63.5g
  • Lifetime : 50 Million Cycles
  • MX-Compatible Stem
This switches housing feature a mix polycarbonate plastic blend from TECSEE with some glitter accent. It is like a gem, "Bling Bling". The switches also utilize a UHMWPE stem for a more solid bottom out sound with very lightly lubed and while they are ready to go on any mechanical keyboard, those inclined to tune their switches will find an excellent starting point. TECSEE Sapphires are an excellent middle ground between mid-strength and high tactility switches featuring a nearly start of downstroke, yet well dispersed tactile bump aided by a 63.5g progressive spring design.
* These are the v2 version of the Sapphire switches, the older v1 variant has a different stem
Switch Mount
: 5-pin (PCB Mount)
Switch Type
: Tactile
Bottom Out Force
: 63.5g
Actuation Force
: 52g
Actuation Travel
: 1.9mm
Total Travel
: 3.8mm
Top Housing
: Mix Polycarbonate (PC) - Glitter Blue
: UHMWPE - Golden Yellow
Bottom Housing
: Mix Polycarbonate (PC) - Glitter Blue
: Lubed (Factory Lube)