Royal Glam 60% Wood Wrist Rest - Leather & Walnut
IDR 580.000
  • Made From Black Walnut & Leather
  • Size : 295.4mm x 79.5mm x 19.1mm
  • Rubber Feet
Made by Royal Glam, this hardwood and leather wrist rest is constructed from a solid piece of black walnut and finished with leather on the top two-thirds. Each wrist rest showcases the wood’s original grain, while the black leather strip lends it a touch of sophistication. Smooth sanded around the edges and protected with a clear finish, the hardwood wrist rest give you the strength of the trees without the risk of a thorn. To ensure it’s secure on your desktop, the bottom is fitted with rubber pads. Give you both healthy typing posture and timeless style, slide this wood wrist rest next to your keyboard.

The color of this wrist rest may be slight differences with the pictures, because each piece of natural wood may have different texture.