Outemu Dustproof Honey Peach V2 Switch (Silent Linear - PCB Mount)
SKU : PG151Y45
IDR 4.800
  • Actuation Force : 40 cN
  • Lifetime : 50 Million Cycles
  • MX-Compatible Stem
Outemu Silent switches are designed with a silencing pad around the stem. This effectively reduces the sound, making them ideal for quiet environment. In comparison to the V1 version, the V2 version has significantly improved stability. Also, Outemu improved the factory lube process to make it more reliable. The Honey Peach V2 switch is what you are looking for if you want a switch that is quiet and smooth at the same time.
: Outemu
Switch Mount
: 5-pin (PCB Mount)
Switch Type
: Silent Linear
Bottom Out Force
: 45g
Actuation Force
: 40g
Actuation Travel
: 2mm
Total Travel
: 3.3mm
Top Housing
: Nylon - Light Pink
: POM - Yellow
Bottom Housing
: Nylon - Dark Pink
: Lubed (Factory Lube)