MKID x Lumia Holy Panda Plate Mount Keyboard Stabilizer Sets (Full Size - 6.25u)
IDR 140.000
  • Plate Mount
  • Size : 7x2u + 1x6.25u
  • Color : Holy Panda
MKID teamed up with Lumia to bring the colorful Plate Mount stabilizers, these comes with gold plated stainless steel wire; made of alloy material. These stabilizers aim to reduce the friction points, while maintaining full functionality. MKID x Lumia Plate Mount stabilizers have redesigned stems so that the stabilizer wire rattles less while stems are “pre-clipped” from the factory. This set contains for Full Size keyboard kit :
  • 7x 2u
  • 1x 6.25u
Components :
  • 16x POM Holy Panda housing
  • 16x POM Holy Panda stem
  • 8x Gold Plated stainless steel wire