MKID Switch Underpad Foam
IDR 60.000
  • Anti-Static Foam
  • Thickness : 0.50mm
  • Quantity : 120pcs
MKID switch underpad foam will magically alter the sound profile of your keyboard. Compared to other under-switch foam products, these are much easier to install and go on the switch itself, instead of the PCB. These stay hidden underneath the switch and don't ruin the look of your custom build! The foams will deepen the sound of the switch, without muting it or making it feel mushy to type on. All foam materials are permanent anti-static; suitable for applications where long-term ESD properties are required. Each foam features an adhesive side (the side that faces the blue backing after peeling will have the adhesive) so it will easily stick to the switch. This switch underpad only compatible for some switch models (check the picture for reference) and available with some choices of material depends on your preferences :
  1. EVA -> plush texture
  2. IXPE (irradiation cross-linked polyethylene) -> firm and rigid texture
  3. LE-20 PORON -> soft and smooth texture
Installation Steps :
- Apply MKID switch underpad foam to the bottom of switch (preferably to be attached with MKID curved tweezers)
- Install the switch onto PCB