MKID Stabilizer Wire Straightener Tool Kit
IDR 40.000
  • Wire Balance Corrector
  • Length : 5 - 6cm
  • Diameter : 4mm
MKID Stabilizer Wire Straightener Tool Kit is a perfect tool to balance the bent stabilizer wire. Correct and adjust the wire before attached to the stabilizer. This tool also included stab pads for holee mod. The Holee Mod is a keyboard modification that involves placing a piece of tape into a stabilizer’s stem. It works by cushioning the stabilizer wire when it hits the inside of the stem. This results in smoother feeling/sounding stabilizers.
Components :
  • 1x Wire Container
  • 2x Steel Pipe (corrector)
  • 24x LE-20 PORON Stabilizer Pad (holee mod tape)