MKID Kolinsky Ergonomic Brush - Keyboard Lubing Brush
IDR 70.000
  • Kolinsky Sable
  • Absorptive
  • Long Bristles
Looking for the perfect lubing brush? MKID just decided to make our own. Introducing MKID Ergonomic Brush, the perfect brush for all your lubing needs. Made with 80% Kolinsky Hair (ethically sourced) and 20% Nylon. Kolinsky absorbs lube into bristles. We were tired of using cheap brushes that broke apart and didn't hold lube evenly causing inconsistent lube application. With the MKID Ergonomic Brush, you don't have to worry about that. We added a triangle-detail handle for improved brush control and accuracy. No need to worry about accidentally lubing the legs of your favourite tactile switches ;). You have control.

Hair : 80% Kolinsky Hair & 20% Nylon
Ferrule (Tube) : Chrome-Plated Brass
Handle : Birch Triangle Wooden
Length : 18cm (~7")