Kailh BOX Crystal Jade Switch (Tactile Click - PCB Mount)
SKU : CPG1511F01S11-C
IDR 6.800
  • Actuation Force : 50 cN
  • Lifetime : 80 Million Cycles
  • MX-Compatible Stem
Kailh BOX switches are IP56 rated to keep dust and moisture out. Created with a box around the cross stem instead of the cross stem just sticking up, they’re built to avoid corrosion and debris buildup. The box extends to the contact plate and leaf, providing extra protection. Kailh BOX Crystal Jade Switches features a thicker clickbar which produces a more pronounced and deeper "click" as well as drastically improve the overall tactile feedback. The Kailh BOX Crystal Jade is almost the same as the Kailh BOX Jade, and the only difference is that the Crystal Jade has a clear and transparent bottom housing, perfect for RGB users and for those who love the Crystal-like transparent and clean look. It is also a 5 pins switch as compared to the BOX Jade that only has 3 pins.
: Kailh
Switch Mount
: 5-pin (PCB Mount)
Switch Type
: Clicky
Bottom Out Force
: 75g
Actuation Force
: 50g
Actuation Travel
: 1.8mm
Total Travel
: 3.6mm
Top Housing
: Polycarbonate (PC) - Transparent Clear
: POM - Jade Green
Bottom Housing
: Polycarbonate (PC) - Transparent Clear
: Lubed (Factory Lube)