Grifiti Chiton Fat Keyboard Sleeves
IDR 230.000
  • Stretch Neoprene for Snug Fit
  • No Zippers to Break
  • Comes in Black Nylon
The Grifiti Chiton mechanical keyboard sleeve is a must-have accessory for any mechanical keyboard enthusiast. Fat Chitons are meant for 3/4 inch thick standard and mechanical keyboards. They come in 3 sizes, the Chiton Fat 12 for 60% keyboards, Chiton Fat 14 for tenkeyless keyboards and the Chiton Fat 17 for fullsize keyboards.
All of our Chiton sleeves are super simple stretch neoprene sleeves for basic travel protection. They're all soft shells so they're not meant for hard knocks, but they will keep your gear protected from scraps and dings and help you organize your accessories for the road. They include a stretch pocket so you can easily carry your power cord and other stuff with your keyboard. These are all fold-over closure and have no zippers to break.

12” dimensions : 13.5 x 6.25 in (34.29 x 15.88 cm)
* 14” dimensions : 15.25 x 7.0 in (38.74 x 17.78 cm)
* 17” dimensions : 18.5 x 7.0 in (46.99 x 17.78 cm)