Gateron KS-9 Red Switch (Linear - Plate Mount)
SKU : KS-9H10B045NN-X14
IDR 3.000
  • Actuation Force : 45 cN
  • Lifetime : 50 Million Cycles
  • MX-Compatible Stem
Gateron KS-9 series of key switches are clones of Cherry MX key switches and designed for SMD LEDs. The outer shapes and internals are virtually identical to Cherry MX. All parts should be interchangeable except for the leaf springs that perform the electric switching. Cherry leaf springs fit inside Gateron housings but Gateron leaf springs do not fit into Cherry MX bottom housings. The copper leaf springs have gold-plated cross-points but which are rotated 90° from MX internals.
: Gateron
Switch Mount
: 3-pin (Plate Mount)
Switch Type
: Linear
Bottom Out Force
: 55g
Actuation Force
: 45g
Actuation Travel
: 2mm
Total Travel
: 4mm
Top Housing
: Polycarbonate (PC) - Transparent Clear
: POM - Red
Bottom Housing
: Nylon - White
: Lubed (Factory Lube)