Gateron Keyfirst Cream Switch (Linear - PCB Mount)
SKU : KS-8Y10B062NW-X84
IDR 8.000
  • Actuation Force : 62 cN
  • Lifetime : 50 Million Cycles
  • MX-Compatible Stem
Manufactured by Gateron, the Keyfirst Cream switch is both colorful and fun to press. With 4 millimeters of total travel and an operating force of 62 cN, it’s a bit on the bulkier side, but its self-lubricating stems make each keystroke a frictionless experience. Performance aside, the Cream switch earns its name from the playful Pantone colors it features: Cream Green (PANTONE 0921C) in the lower case, Cream Pink (PANTONE 0331C) in the upper case, and Cream Yellow (PANTONE 0131C) in the stem.
: Gateron
Switch Mount
: 5-pin (PCB Mount)
Switch Type
: Linear
Bottom Out Force
: - (No Data)
Actuation Force
: 62g
Actuation Travel
: 2mm
Total Travel
: 4mm
Top Housing
: Nylon - PANTONE 0331C
Bottom Housing
: Nylon - PANTONE 0921C
: Lubed (Factory Lube)