EK MechLube Premium Stabilizer Grease
IDR 100.000
  • 2ml Premium Grease
  • High-Viscosity Formula
  • Made in USA
EK MechLube is a premium high-viscosity lubricant that's perfect for keeping your spacebar, and other large stabilized keys, squeak-free. Used in-house for loose stabilizer and hinges; this tried and tested silicone grease is now available to our customers in a convenient curved-tip syringe dispenser.
EK Original MechLube is best for plastic-metal matings, such as key stabilizers that are loose or rattle. It is non-reactive, temperature stable, and won't run or separate so one application may be all you'll ever need.

Application :
MechLube's curved-tip syringe makes application in tight spots a breeze. The red arrows in the photo examples provided on this page point towards the most common greasing points of mechanical keyboards stabilizers. It's a good idea to first test how much grease comes out of the tip at a given pressure before applying it to your stabilizers; the curved tip can be trimmed with scissors if the grease flow is too slow. Only half a grain of rice worth of grease is needed (if that), so the 2ml of MechLube provided should be plenty for a whole collection of keyboards!