Cherry MX Black Clear-Top "Nixie" Switch (Linear - PCB Mount)
IDR 9.500
  • PCB Mount
  • Actuation Force : 63.5 cN
  • Lifetime : 50 Million Cycles
The Cherry “Nixie” linear switch is one of the most sought-after vintage switches in the aftermarket for their smoothness and deep, “thocky” sound profile, but it is also very hard to come by. Thankfully, Cherry is reviving the legendary switch with the Cherry MX Black Clear-Top – a rather confusing name, given that it actually has a milky top housing. Nonetheless, Cherry says that the MX Black Clear-Top retains the characteristics of the original Nixie switch with “modern production optimisations.” This should translate to good quality control to ensure there’s no huge inconsistency between different switches.
: Cherry
Switch Mount
: 5-pin (PCB Mount)
Switch Type
: Linear
Bottom Out Force
: 80g
Actuation Force
: 63.5g
Actuation Travel
: 2mm
Total Travel
: 4mm
Top Housing
: Special Material - Milky White
: POM - Black
Bottom Housing
: Nylon - Black
: Unlubed (No Factory Lube)