Magicforce Smart 68 Typewriter Silver Case (Gateron Green - White LED)
IDR 890.000
  • Compact (60%)
  • Gateron Green
  • White LED
The Elusive 68 Keys Mini Mechanical Keyboard is Here. Now Available with Typewriter Keycaps!
Gateron Mechanical Switches
Manufactured with clear casings, Gateron switches have quickly become one of the most sought after names in the keyboard community. Gateron switches use copper click leafs and softer plastic stems; making for a very smooth typing experience. Gateron produces a secure fit for any keycaps and all stems are compatible with MX housing, letting you pick from the wide variety of available keycaps.
Compact, Space Saving, Handy & Portable
Offering tons of functionality in a compact package, the Magicforce Smart 68 is equipped with four directional keys and four navigation keys, not to mention function keys integrated into the number row.
Design Elements
The Magicforce Smart 68 features a floating-key design. To ensure stability, the plastic base of the keyboard is fitted with four rubber pads as well as two foldable feet.
Chrome-Plated, Typewriter ABS Keycap
The textured keycaps are made of ABS plastic and feature pad-printed legends, while the shiny exterior is chrome-plated. Lending the Magicforce Smart 68 a decidedly vintage vibe.
Adjustable LED Backlighting
Ten levels of brightness and breathing frequency are provided for tuning backlight.
DIP Switch Options for Customizing
The Magicforce Smart 68 also comes with three DIP switches that allow you to disable the Windows key, swap Capslock with left Ctrl, or swap Windows key with the Functions.
Warning : The keyboard should be unplugged while changing the DIP switch settings.
Detachable Mini-USB Cable
The detachable cable uses a standard mini-USB connector.
USB N-Key Rollover (USB NKRO)
Under USB, the Magicforce Smart 68 can handle any number of simultaneous key presses. You can use the keyboard confidently in any situations knowing that there will never be ghosting or key blocking issue.
Function & Dip Switch Settings
  • FN + Up/Down Arrow : Toggle LED brightness.
  • FN + Left Arrow : Turn on LED breathing mode.
  • FN + Right Arrow : Toggle breathing mode speed.
  • DIP Switch 1 : ON - Swap Capslock with Left Ctrl.
  • DIP Switch 2 : ON - Swap Windows with Function.
  • DIP Switch 3 : ON - Lock Windows key.
Model Number
Switch Type
: Gateron Green
Keyboard Size
: Compact (60%)
Keyboard Layout
: English | QWERTY
Keyboard Backlighting
: White LED
Key Rollover
: Unlimited (NKRO)
Keycap Plastic
: ABS (Chrome-Plated)
Keycap Color
: Black
Keycap Printing Method
: Pad Printed
Keycap Printing Position
: Top
Keycap Printing Color
: White
: 337mm x 104mm x 37mm
: 1.3lbs
Macro Keys
: No
Multimedia Keys
: Yes (via Fn keys)
On-board Memory
: No
Wrist Rest
: No
Cable Type
: Standard
Cable Length
: 1.5m (Mini-USB 2.0 detachable)
Switch Mount Method
: Plate Mounted
WIN Lock
: Yes
: 1 year